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New Advanced Leather Repair Gel

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New Advanced Leather Repair Gel
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It's Time To Get Out There and Show Off Your Leather Goods!!

It's a tough world out there. And if you're a leather-bound book, or a leather-seated chair, or even just a plain old leather wallet, it can be really tough to stay looking good.  If you're tired of the way your leather looks, or if it's starting to look a little worse for wear, there is an easy solution. That's why you need Advance Leather Repair Gel.

This gel is like a protective shield for your leather items—it protects them from further damage and restores their condition so that they look as good as new. It's easy to apply and delivers full protection against staining, cracking, fading, and drying out.

And the best part? It's cheap! You'll never have to worry about spending another penny on those fancy leather cleaners again because this little tube of magic is highly affordable!


  • Brand New Look - extremely restores and repairs  your damaged leathers, creating seamless and flawless results, making the entire condition unblemished and spanking new!
  • Easy Application - no extra tools needed to get the job done! Simply apply the gel on the damaged area and let it work wonders for you!
  • Environmental - Friendly - extremely safe to use, free of harsh chemicals that might irritate or cause damage to health and surrounding
  • Quick Visible Result - the advance formula  leaves you  with a repaired and restored piece of your favorite leather in a snap!
  • Full Protection - the gel works by combining with the existing gel in the leather, creating a strong patch that can withstand pressure without breaking down. It's also water-resistant, so it will stay put even after being exposed to various weather conditions. 
  • Cost Effective - you can definitely save time and money as this gel allows you to repair your leather stuff without spending bucks and seeking professional aids. 
  • Long Lasting - easy to apply, dries quickly, and lasts for years with proper care.
  • Widely Usable - ideal for repairing rips and tears in leather furniture and upholstery, as well as for fixing scratches in leather shoes and boots. But it can also be used on any other kind of leather item—from jackets to purses to briefcases and more!


  •  Step 1: Clean the leather.
  • Step 2: Apply the gel and allow it to dry.
  • Step 3: Rub the repaired area with a cloth to smooth out any excess gel.
  • Step 4: Let it fully dry for 20-30 minutes (depending on the temperature)  before wearing or using  your furniture again.


  • Net Weight: 20 grams
  • Colors: black, white, brown
  • Type: gel

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1 x Advanced Leather Repair Gel

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